Desert Vista Photo

The Desert Vista Photo concept began in 2004 after moving to Arizona. The Photography Business itself was established in what was then Queen Creek Arizona (now San Tan Valley) in 2005. The Photography venture included one photographer and one model at the time. The style of photography that was done then was mainly model portfolios, various odds and ends photography which included photos of vacation rentals, scenery, pets, families, portraits, boudoir, weddings and other projects that interested the photographer. Desert Vista Photo also hosted photographer workshops which consisted of sessions where the photographers could photograph attractive models in various settings.

Desert Vista Photo had to relocate to Wyoming in 2007 due to a family emergency and after living there for approximately a year and a half and then relocated again to the east coast of Florida. During the time in Wyoming most of the photography that was created was of scenery.

In 2008 after moving to Florida, Desert Vista Photo mainly photographed models and men’s wives, and girlfriends. Desert Vista Photo also did photography for a few families, children’s photos, beach scenes, weddings, and street photography at an annual event held every October in Key West. The photography that was done for the men’s wives and girlfriend was mainly boudoir style and nude photography.

In 2016 Desert Vista Photo relocated back to the desert in Southwest New Mexico. Desert Vista Photo is now concentrating on photography which includes the beautiful desert landscape of the area, model portfolios, and boudoir sessions for men’s wives and girlfriends. Since this relocation Desert Vista Photo has photographed some folk dancers at Cinco de Mayo events and has photographed other events in the local area.

Jim is a traditional photographer and is interested in the artistic value of photography. He is available for sessions that interest him and with individuals who want to be photographed. He does mostly digital photography now and will provide CD’s of selected photos from a session as well as prints. All at a very reasonable cost to the client. He may be contacted by email -

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